Cheer Each Other On

Both the words and the silence of other people can be very revealing. Through our reflections on the past year, we have been shocked to see the depth in our society and in our culture of people’s inability to celebrate each other.

If we are just being honest, and laying it all out on the table, we have to say that, we fail miserably at cheering each other on. We just do!

For some reason, it seems as if many people feel that by telling you when you’re doing a great job that somehow makes them look like they’re not doing a great job. When, in reality, the act of praising another person really makes you look stronger, more mature, and successful, because of your ability to appreciate a job well done.

But, why does the success of another seem to be so challenging to most of us? Charlene likened it to a pie. If you get a piece then there is less for me to have. Right?

Well, actually, the answer is, NO! Because, God has a pie for each of us. And, me stepping into the place that He wants me to be in no way reduces your ability to step into the place that He wants you to be. Me having a piece of my own pie takes nothing away from the amount you have available to you! As a matter of fact, my recognition of what I have available to me should encourage you to do the same.

What God has for me, He has that amount for you. Or, maybe even more.

“And to one he gave five talents,
to another two, and to another one,
to each according to his own ability…”
Matthew 25:15 (NKJV)

To some, one. To some, five. But, you can take that one talent and turn it into ten or a hundred. It depends on the investment that you make in the call that God puts on your life.

However, too often, we want to tear each other down. When instead, seeing you taking your one talent and running with it should encourage me to run with my own.

Don’t let somebody else’s opinion put fear in you and effect your mind, or steal your power, or your ability to love. Do walk in love and realize that we have all got to do better about cheering each other on. And, if there is someone in your life who lacks the ability to celebrate your accomplishments, you must not allow their attitudes to fill you with self-doubt and fear.

“For God hath not given us
the spirit of fear; but of power,
and of love, and of a sound mind.”
2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)

Instead, love them with the power of His love and keep going on your journey of obedience to the call He has placed on your life. Keep your thoughts set on Him and your faith strong in Him, knowing that it is His love through you that will ultimately change them.

If they see His love in you, then they will realize that it is really Him cheering them on. That’s a powerful thought! To be used to fill another person with Ongoing Positive Expectation for what He can do through them and with their lives is an exciting thing to think about.

“We should be pouring hope
for what God can do
into the hearts of
everyone we meet.”
H.O.P.E. Devotional (pg. 66)

So, if you’re looking for a way to effectively share the love of Jesus and be used by God in a powerful way, begin to celebrate the accomplishments of other people. Let them hear His love through your voice cheering them on.


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