His Plans Are Too Big

Reflecting back over this past year, we find ourselves in awe of all that has happened! God definitely enabled us to accomplish more than we ever imagined possible.

Writing our first devotional, T.R.U.S.T., was such an amazing achievement, which we were still celebrating when He gave us the vision and words for the second devotional in our series, H.O.P.E. Its release to the public on Amazon was so incredible to us that we didn’t even know how to act. We found ourselves looking at each other and saying, “Did that just happen?”

Wow!! What God can do through a willing heart is absolutely astonishing!!

Honestly, willing hearts is all that we felt we had to offer Him when we first heard His call to start ReKindle Ministries International. But then, we discovered, that’s all He was really looking for anyway.

“Take ye from among you
an offering unto the LORD:
whosoever is of a willing heart,
let him bring it, an offering of the LORD…”
Exodus 35:5 (KJV)

His plans are too big for any human to perform without Him. It is truly His strength and ability that we need to get even the smallest job done, and the jobs He has been giving to us seem monumental when compared to any ability we have to perform them.

“…the God of Israel is
he that giveth strength and
power unto his people.
Blessed be God.”
Psalm 68:35b (KJV)

But, even with the successful publication of our devotionals, there has most certainly been a war raging against us every step of the way. Though we know He has protected us from the majority of the darts that have been thrown at us, we have felt the impact of enough of them to know that there is an enemy who never ceases to try and shut down any work we would do for Him and for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ or in helping people to grow in their faith.

A surprising lesson that we have learned as a result of the battles we have fought is just how God takes what the enemy means for evil and uses it for our good. We have watched Him take these very darts that were aimed at our failure, our destruction, and use them as the very foundational building blocks of our ministry. Because, we are learning from them.

Have you taken the time to reflect back over the past year? If you have, we are sure that you have remembered both moments of celebration and moments of battle. Just as we are taking each of these events—the good, the bad, and the ugly (to coin a phrase)—and asking God to teach us whatever it is we need to learn from them, it is our H.O.P.E. that you are able to do the same.

Allow Him to show you what your next step is. Face the new year filled with Positive Expectations of what He can do both in you and through you. Don’t miss the opportunities He has for you because you feel too small or too weak. Remember, He is bigger and stronger than any enemy you will ever face!


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