About ReKindle MI

ReKindle Ministries International (RKMI) was founded by two friends whom God brought together through divine appointment, bound by their immense love for Him and His Word. The mission of RKMI is to revive the souls of mankind, which were lost in the fall, through the teaching and study of the scriptures found in the Holy Bible. Our primary desire is to help illuminate God’s boundless love and offer of redemption through Jesus and to counteract the meanness of the world through training people how to respond with grace in difficult situations. One way we do this is by taking them on a compelling journey of personal growth and deep reflection using the stories of our lives to help others look more closely at their own. RKMI fulfills its mission through the writing and sale of books and other ministry paraphernalia, as well as teaching at churches, seminars and conferences.

The two co-founders of RKMI are Dr. Charlene Geisler and Sheranna Dawn Capelle Catoe. They each reside in the Carolinas.

Dr. Charlene Geisler is a college professor and a homeschool mom. She grew up in a Taoist/Buddhist family but became a Christian in her early teens at a Luis Palau Evangelistic Crusade in Singapore. Being a first-generation Christian in her family has been difficult but God has been good to her. Charlene got her Ph.D. in Accounting at The University of Texas at Austin and has taught in universities in Singapore and the U.S. She has co-authored an auditing textbook that was widely used in Asia. Charlene is married to Dr. David Geisler, President of Norm Geisler International Ministries, and they have three children – Kristina, Jonathan and Rachel.

Sheranna Dawn Capelle Catoe has been involved in ministry since she was a young girl. With the release of her first album at the age of 14 she began her career as a contemporary Christian singer who has gone on to work on television and radio, performing, writing and producing music. She has toured, performing concerts, and recorded multiple other albums, as well as worked in churches, theater, street evangelism, prison ministry, tent crusades, teaching, leading Bible studies, and writing. Along with her husband, Marvin D. Catoe, she homeschooled their two children and founded Kadesh Ministry which among other things reached out to prison inmates through concerts and preaching. She is the creator of, a blogger, author, and ordained minister.

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