Snapshot of Chapter One

Charlene’s Snapshot

Going back over Chapter One in our To Really Untie Strings Totally Devotional and reading it at this time of the year really makes me think about what God has planned for me personally. Yes, the future seems always to be filled with uncertainties because we really do not know what tomorrow brings. And, honestly, sometimes I feel that life is just one uncertainty after another; but, one thing I do know for certain is that God is faithful and can be TRUSTED! He will never call you or me to do things that He will not equip us to do.

As I read again of Sheranna’s wrestling with the uncertainty about the task of writing this book, I began to ponder about my resolution to step out of my comfort zone this year. I started to see more clearly that the reason I tend to hesitate when called to do something that’s outside of my comfort zone is because it is not familiar to me, and this fills me with uncertainty since I have nothing to gauge the outcome on.

But, I must remember that being obedient IS the most important thing, not the outcome. Also, I need to remember that the only thing I have to bring is that obedience, He will supply the rest – the resources, the time, the details that need to be worked out. All I have to do is “be willing to wade through the waters of uncertainty and trust Him in the valley of partial visibility!”

Is God calling you to a new area of responsibility, a new adventure, a new “something”? Do you have doubts about saying yes to that new thing? Take heart, if it is from God, He just wants you to say yes, and He will do the rest!

Sheranna’s Response

While reading this I was FLOODED with a wave of emotions from the memory of how terrified I was when I first started writing for the book, and I still struggle with feeling like this whole thing is too big and that I’m not qualified. But, I KNOW He is bigger than my fear and I really appreciate this reminder of that today.

He is so much bigger than my uncertainty and will always lead the way… if I will dare to follow!!

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