Snapshot of Chapter Two

Sheranna’s Snapshot

Just this morning I was praying and asking God to prepare the path He is calling me to walk down in a specific area of my life. As I prayed I could see, in the spirit of my mind’s eye, doors standing open ahead of me as I approached them.

I have NO IDEA right now where these doors are at, or what exactly they lead to, but I knew He was telling me to “walk on in the call” because He’s already laid the path and planned my course. If I let uncertainty stop me, I will never find out what those doors open up to. I will never experience the excitement of the adventure of walking in obedience to Him.

His plans for me, for each of us, are HUGE!! He made this world and the fullness thereof. He knows where all the treasures are stored. So, I’m really-REALLY-working hard at letting go of my fear of the uncertain path ahead.

Then, after I prayed, I reached over and opened up the TRUST Devotional and read Chapter Two and remembered Charlene’s struggle with letting go of the “now” and trusting Him for all of her needs to be met in time. And I was like, “Wow! Really God!! Thank You for removing from me the requirement of having to know anything other than what you have called me to do, be, or give today.”

My uncertainty turned into relief and joy over a Father Who has planned every step of my journey. All I have to do is keep walking the path!!!

Charlene’s Response

Wow! Sheranna, your thoughts are so appropriate for this time of the year as many of us are pondering about the paths that lay ahead in the coming months. I know I am!

Reading your thoughts and being reminded of the words that God gave me in the book, ‘the pathway forward has already been laid because He has searched it out,’ really made me think about my feelings concerning what’s ahead and how I really don’t know what it is that I will encounter as I move forward. So, should I be fearful? No!

Instead, I think of the future like a picture of a child and her loving father. The father has planned out an exciting week for her. And, though she does not know what the plans are, He does! She can trust her loving Father. I can TRUST my loving Father.

This Father is my God and I can rely on Him completely as I journey down all of the paths that He has laid out for me this year and every year to come.


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